cycling loop around lake garda

The largest lake in the Italian alps,

well known for his iconic roads and epic climbs,

 a real cycling mecca.

Mediterranean scenery that blend into alpine landscape,

from mellow hills, vineyards and olive groves

to rugged peaks and pine forests.

An history marked by epic battles and rich trades

between the european continent and the italian peninsula
that left Roman villas, medieval castles, and Venetian fortresses.

Leave no Trace

Leave everything as you found it, or better.

Dispose of, remove and recycle waste.

Never start campfires.
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Demanding route with massive elevation gain, high mountains and remote areas. The Gravel loop includes exposed sections, technical descents and about 4km of hike-a-bike.

Camping is only allowed in camping areas. In case of emergency set up late and strike early. Never start fires. Plenty of fully equipped camping areas, hotels and bed & breakfasts. Mountain huts are open from June to October.

Recommended accommodations and mountain huts:

Borgo Stazione, Bike Inn – Peschiera

Garni GTS, Hotel – Tignale

Malga Ciapa, Mountain Hut – Tremalzo

Rifugio Alpini, Mountain Hut – Passo Nota

Cadria Nature, Hotel – Ledro

Rifugio Baita Fos-Ce, Mt Baldo


The loop is rideable from Apr to Nov. During the winter months some mountain passes are closed for the snow. Heat waves may be an issue during the Summer. The best time of the year is spring (May, April) and autumn (September, October)

The route only requires minimum planning. Water sources are all along the loop. Every town has bars, restaurants and supermarkets. It’s easy to find good bike shops.

Closest airports are Bergamo (80km) and Verona (20km). Train stations are in Desenzano, Peschiera and Rovereto, bike transport is only available on regional trains.